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Hi. I'm Joshuaine. (you can call me Josh)

This is me with my person, Shan. He runs far (really, really far). I run far, too, but I bike even farther. I've always been drawn to big adventures, including a cycling traverse of Vermont, a multiday ride in Death Valley, and lots of mountain biking in hot spots like Kingdom Trails, Asheville, Moab, and Bentonville. Luckily, I have friends who are happy to join me and - even better - have crazy ideas of their own. This means there is always an adventure on the horizon. I created this blog when Shan and I started planning our biking/running trip on the East Coast Greenway and found it a good way to document my other adventures. 

I also maintain a website called Extremely Outside where you can read much more about Shan and our trips together.

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Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail

xNHAT with my 16-year old (Isaac)

The Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail is a series of off-road trails that cross the state in the northern White Mountains Region. It is a great introduction to people interested in long-distance cycling. This was Isaac's first state crossing, and he killed it. More to come!


Somewhere along the xNHAT

We spent two days riding the 83-mile length of xNHAT in August of 2023.  Isaac enjoyed it so much he almost smiled in a picture!


XNHAT - Finish Line

We started at the border of Vermont and rode east to the border with Maine.  Here is Isaac at the finish.  Woohoo!


Our Medals

All xNHAT finishers receive these awesome stickers and a patch.  We also got this nice, handwritten congratulations!

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Running/Cycling Expeditions with Shan

Over 5000 miles together

These expeditions have been a great way to share our passions for running and cycling in a complementary way.  When we left on our East Coast Greenway trip in 2022, I wrote, "I am truly excited to see how we weather this challenge together". We ended the expedition with me saying "Yes, I will marry you".   

In my blog posts, I try to capture the essence of our expeditions. There are so many things to talk about! The planning of the trip, the excitement in the accomplishment, the amazing people we met, and the joy in reflection. 


Pacific Coast Bicycle Route

8/29/2023 - 10/24/2023
1930 miles

In 2023 we decided to ride the length of the Pacific Coast. We used the Adventure Cycling Association's bike route - Shan ran and I biked from Vancouver, BC to  Imperial Beach Pier. It was an adventure with many obstacles and even more memories. We took full advantage of the beautiful views, and sunsets to celebrate our honeymoon.


East Coast Greenway

4/16/2022 - 7/2/2022
2960 miles

In 2022 we completed a self-supported bike/run on the East Coast Greenway, a partially finished multi-use path that runs from Key West, FL to the Canadian border in Calais, ME. We used this journey to raise money and awareness for the East Coast Greenway Alliance which works to develop safe spaces for runners, walkers, and cyclists.

ECE plaque.jpg

Erie Canal End-to-End

10/9/2021 - 10/17/2021
400 miles

The Erie Canalway Trail is a gorgeous well-maintained bike path. It had been on my radar for a long time, so we used it to test a new idea - Shan would run, and I would bike towing our gear. The bike and trailer were tough to pull along the towpath, but we had a blast and finished the trip feeling more confident about doing a bigger expedition.

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