Erie Canal End-to-End Expedition

2021    ECE3

Buffalo to Albany
9 days
40+ miles per day
Shan ran
I biked with all of our gear in a trailer
We had agreat time

ECE plaque.jpg
Erie Canal End.jpg

Erie Canal End-to-End Expedition

Once Shan made it home from his cross-country run in 2020 (I told you he runs really, really far), I had the idea to plan some bike-supported running expeditions. Shan was easy to convince. We completed our Erie Canal End-to-End Expedition (ECE3) in October of 2021. I pedaled my Ridley Damocles and carried our gear in a Radical Design Cyclone IV trailer. Shan wore his Altra running shoes and some cute shorts. We covered nearly 400 miles in 9 days. 
And we loved it.


Day 1 - Buffalo to Lockport

Running: 33 miles
Biking: 39 miles

We started our expedition on a drizzly Saturday morning. Luckily it wasn't long before the rain stopped and the skies cleared. We started out in Buffalo at the Erie Canal Trail - Mile Post Zero. As luck would have it, I ended up with a flat tire 6 miles in. My tire was slashed, possibly by broken glass on the road. I back-tracked a little bit to seek help from Campus Wheelworks, who was able to able to get me rolling again. I worked hard to catch up to Shan for lunch at Subway, and then we leap-frogged a bit before stopping at Uncle G's for a pumpkin spice ice cream sandwich. After checking into the hotel and washing up we walked to dinner at Steak Stone and Sushi and celebrated Day 1 of our expedition. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

Starting in Buffalo.jpg

Day 2 - Lockport to Brockport

Running: 46 miles
Biking: 54 miles

Day 2 was a big one - 45+ miles - so Shan departed early while I packed up the trailer. We met in Medina for breakfast at the Shirt Factory where we chatted with a couple who had done the Erie Canalway Tour in the past. I rode into Albion to fetch some lunch for us at the Village House and met Shan at a park next to the Canal (apparently in a spot where Marquis de Lafayette once visited). It was a very warm day, so I also stopped in Holley for beverages (poor Shan was working hard) before making our way to the Best Western in Brockport. We strolled over to Bill Gray's Tap Room for dinner, studied the map, and prepared for Day 3.

Day 2 cycling shadow.jpg

Day 3 - Brockport to Macedon

Running: 44 miles
Biking: 44 miles

Day 3 was my first day of work. Shan took off early and I stayed back at the hotel to use the WiFi for work and to do some laundry. Once I got moving, I took a few work calls along the way. I was relieved we had really good cell service, and the weather was lovely, too.  During my ride, I stopped at Lock 32, which is still in operation. It was neat to see the whole thing in action, hard to fathom how things looked with the original Canal and many, many locks. I took a few minutes to stop for wine in Fairport, before meeting up with Shan at the RV park. We ordered pizza delivery, enjoyed our wine, and went to bed shortly after sunset. This was the only day that we needed sleeping bags.

Day 3 trail view.jpg

Day 4 - Macedon to Savannah

Running: 39 miles
Biking: 38 miles

We both started early on Day 4, in a hazy fog that filtered the sunrise (and looked pretty cool for pictures). I sped ahead so I could settle down and get in a couple of hours of work before breakfast.  Shan met me at the adorable Muddy Waters cafe where we ate breakfast and caffeinated our bodies. He took off running again, I took a few meetings, and then lost my gloves (rode away with them on the top of the trailer). I eventually caught up with Shan for a few minutes in Clyde. He continued onto the AirBnb we rented and I went to a weird little Quaker market to forage for food ideas. I found enough ingredients to make a spicy chicken and black bean dish with rice and broccoli (cooked in the well-stocked kitchen at an AirBnb). Between the hot weather and the extra mile Shan ran after taking a wrong turn on his way to the house, the Triphammer beer I picked up was a nice little treat.


Day 5 - Savannah to Syracuse

Running: 37 miles
Biking: 38 miles

We had coffee and breakfast and left the Airbnb together on Day 5. I quickly forged ahead to do some work and take meetings at a lovely spot near Camillus Landing. Since I had a packed workday, Shan and I saw each other briefly and then met up at Aloft in Syracuse. I stopped along the way at the post office to mail our sleeping bags home along with some of our extra gear. It was a relief to make more space in the trailer; it was so tightly packed I found it difficult to access things throughout the day. I worked some more at the hotel while Shan did laundry before dinner. We had a late dinner at The Preserve, a really lovely spot. Shan had a delicious steak and we tried Chicken Riggies, a dish that originated nearby in Utica. I did more work after getting back to the room before we finally cuddled up in bed...early to rise the next day.


Day 6 - Syracuse to Rome

Running: 48 miles
Biking: 51 miles

Day 6 was one of our biggest days. We left an hour before dawn and let the lights of the city guide us until the sun came up. After a few hours, I zipped down to Panera to grab breakfast and caught up with Shan at an old aqueduct. Fueled up, we parted ways again so I could find someplace to work.  I settled down at the Madison Bistro Farm to Table and got a few hours of work done. Shan and I had lunch together there before I zoomed ahead to the Quality Inn in Rome, where again I worked and took meetings (I'm a busy woman!). Once we were all cleaned up we strolled over to have dinner with the locals at Coalyard Charlie's.


Day 7 - Rome to Little Falls

Running: 39 miles
Biking: 40 miles

We left Rome today and made our way to Little Falls. I went off ahead of Shan again and stopped along the way to get a few hours of work done at Oriskany Battlefield memorial and again at the Diner in Oriskany. We caught up with each other briefly where the trail was closed and then I zipped off to a different/quieter route to check in to our hotel room. The room was on the third floor - no elevator.  I had to lug our trailer up the stairs (I was impatient, couldn't wait for Shan to arrive and help). After we showered and changed we strolled to IronWorks Brewery for a celebratory beer and wandered through the adorable little town. We then had a delicious dinner at Canal Side Inn where the chef came to the table to enthusiastically describe the specials to us.


Day 9 - Amsterdam to Albany

Running: 49 miles
Biking: 49 miles

Last day!! And a big day. Shan left early - after a free breakfast at the hotel. I packed things up and followed him to meet for breakfast in Schenectady. We pushed ahead to Cohoes where I went into town for sandwiches. We ate together by a basketball court and then parted ways for the finish. I went ahead to get the car from the train station and meet him at the finish. We regrouped shortly after separating when cold winds and rain surprised us. Shan kicked into high gear and finished his miles strong!