My Races

Never too old to be average at something new

I am still a work in progress, but I am proud of where I am today. I have raised 2 boys, established a rewarding career, and worked a lot on myself as a person. 

I used to brag about friends who were cycling epic distances, running ultramarathons, or taking on other physically demanding events. I felt like I could never keep up with these superhumans who were able to balance life, family, work, hobbies, and exercise.

Until one day after thinking my usual, "Wow. I could never do that!" I finally asked myself, "Why not?"  

It was easy to start dabbling in adventure on a different scale when 98% of the people around me said, "Of course, you can!" So here are a few examples about what's transpired since then.


I'm proud of these things that I've done
(AKA the brag page)

Vermont 50 Ultramarathon

Maybe one day I'll run the entire thing, but this year I ran 20 miles as part of a 2-person team with Shan.

24-hours of Great Glen

I finished this 24-hour MTB race in NH as part of a 2-person team with my friend Katie

South to North USA crossing

Shan and I completed a traverse of the entire East Coast on the trail network called the East Coast Greenway in order to bring awareness to the Alliance

Erie Canal Trail

My first bike-supported run (Me on the bike, Shan on foot)

Vermont 50 Mountain Bike Race

A MTB race I've done 11 times

Vermont 200 miles on route 100

Twice!  First time I did this with Heather in 3 days, and the second time we recruited another cycling friend, Val, to join us for a 2-day traverse.